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The Forest

You live large housing crash and find yourself in a huge forest and outstanding live with mutant creatures. Use your wits to survive and thrive, or simulation of the first man in this beautiful simulation, you enter into the real world, where trees and plants can beused to your advantage. There labyrinth of caves under the ardhimitandao and lakes to explore. Build a camp fire or felling trees. Search dropping food to the hungry. He objects from small to large castle ports through mora.Trymaetse safe trap cycle plants and other remedies.Use the day to create and discover and be prepared to look at the night. Made tools and weapons and make hatred, facing the head of the enemy. You can win the war against the tribe of cannibalistic mutants frightening (function () {( “Review of the application pagesDesktop “);}); The game is a real and tragic game in this game is progressing well, with amazing graphics, good performance and incredible sound effects. Mutant damage zroblenataksama with more detail. Unlike some sports where aduitu attackI think, plan, and carry out their actions, which are more complex.


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Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a new version of the popular antivirus program, now with a more powerful machine, outdated style, better usability and greater security against online attacks.

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Turn your computer into a fort

Kaspersky Anti-Virus communicates, blocks, and removesviruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other malware.

Real-time protection is great with files, messages andDatenverkehrDas Internet are effectively filtered out, and the program protects against peeling with infected with malicious software identified contacts withwebsites and blocks.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus also has a self-defense mechanism that blocks strange files to prevent potential malware attacks that it is not yet recognized by the database. In addition, this new version of Kaspers provides additional protectionfrom ransomware.

In the Kaspersky Anti-Virus section, you can find a very useful security system:

Scanning a scanner: Identify the system deficiencies or third-party programs you have installed to fix the problems immediately.

Kaspersky Save Disk: Creates bootableCD or USB device with the engine;

Solve Windows Problems: Analyze the system and fix problems caused by malware.

Privacy Cleaner: Cleansing the unnecessary file system (Cookies, cache, record, etc.);

Configuration Browser: Analyze your settingsof Internet Explorer and suggests ways to maximize security (this tool is not compatible with other browsers);

Shadow protection: Provides instant protection against new threats, as well as real-time information about the security and reputation of the sites you visit.

Of course,KAV introduced a new feature that automatically updates the program to the latest version;

new design

Kaspersky has a new design: version This new system is dedicated to performance with a faster and more user-friendly interface.

The main screen displays the protection of your computer and makes it easyaccess to the most important areas: scans, updates, reports, and virtual keyboard. Additional options can be viewed by clicking the Show More Tools button.

The basic configuration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is for most users extraordinary. More experienced users can personalize ittheir configuration by going to the menu settings (not visible in the interface).

Powerful and reliable antivirus, but without significant changes

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) is one of the most popular antivirus programs on the market. An antivirus scanner is one of the best available and its new designmakes it more friendlier to everyone.

In the latest release there are no big new featuresSo new, but the tools and options are generally improved, as well as antivirus performance.
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JaKAV spends less resources compared to the previous edition, but still has a long way to go. Although it is a great antivirus program,it works better when used on computers.



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All major websites need a database to collect and store customer data. It can be anything: on behalf of the user and e-mail before checking or displaying the information. Finding the best software for the task sounds difficult, but it is a cool thing that is great to work with mysql. If it’s so good for Facebook WordPress and Google, why not take advantage of this free software that can simplify and speed up managementdatabases? MySQL open source database A technically relational structure with an open source data management system (DBMS), which basically means that it is located on the server and stores information. Because it’s open source, it means it’s completely free. different developers and experts have contributed to its powerful and compatible compatibility. Community Server Edition is free for those who download and use it on their website. Installationit is very simple (though of course you need to know about creating websites), and this is known for its high scalability and strong data protection. You also have great support () () ((“review-application-page-desktop”);}); Make your MojeSQL perfect for your activities because it does not connect you to a specific company or platform, the software is not without criticism of stability, and some competing platforms can do more, but it iscertainly a popular choice for many new … UPDATE is now supported.

Performs automatic record cleaning

Various bug fixesChangesSELECT … FOR UPDATE are currently supported.

unpleasant entries

Various bug fixes


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Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker

Ginger Taxi and Grammar Checker is a universal spell that always creates jokes and grammatical errors in your online chat or text document, you want to make sure that writing is correct before publishing publicly. Ginger Grammar Spell Check is a great choice to make sure you can not create grammatical spelling or internet spelling errors (work () {(“Check application application on the desktop”);}); The Ginger Grammar Spell Check function on GoogleChrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and also Microsoft Office. It requires online Grammar Grammar working and characters, clicking the F2 key on any screen, and you can review written text edits. Unlike other editors, the Ginger Grammar Targeting Check context, which provides accurate and reliable featuresGinger is its direct ability to fix the entire sentence. Wherever the correct word trainer isword individualall, ginger improves long-term and some abmezhavanniu working with many other editorial writers, it might reduce its performance for people who prefer to use editors as a FreeOffice or grammar and inspect testing is a great way to make sure your text is sophisticated, before others can see it.


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Ableton Live 10

Remember to read the entire text file before installing this software.

Keygen is basically the same as the previous one, and how many people know

Antivirus programs will alert and delete the key.

Most likely, you need to delete the key from memory after reading instructions.

Do not worry, keygen will not set anything, so if you do not worry about anything

it happens if you do not really use a keygen, and so far, I have not had anything doneinstall it, which is a key that is damaging in any way or is having a GPU processor / Power.

Downloading and removing this torrent is completely safe; read the instructions,

decide what to do, do that, it’s ready.

Any problems? Please comment below so that we can discuss any problems that people have.

+ Keyboard


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Letasoft Sound Booster

Letasoft Sound Booster increases your computer’s maximum speakerphone if you listen to the program you are using.

Sound transfer (function {) {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);)); The videos are much smaller than normal, almost one point that you hear is not you angry? In general, if you have hearing problems, if you have difficulties with the use of some of your computer programs, Letasoft Sound Booster helps your device maximize the maximum capacity. VolumeThis change will automatically apply the programs you use on your computer automatically. Ignore your ears until you connect too many volumes. Latas Sound Booster can be very good in this regard. We would like to specify the volume for each program. For example, we want to increase the size of the GTA 5 game by 93%, but we just need to grow at IouTube24%. Unfortunately, do not set this type of option, and every time you change the programs you need to adjust and adjust the volume.

Therefore,To be easy to use, we only need one section. Lasoisoft Sound Booster is very easy to install and use. The installation process only takes a few seconds, and then it is displayed with the icon of the program bar icon. You need to click the percentage percentage you want to specify to increase the percentage from 0% to 500%.

Simple and effective, maybe! Remember Letasoft that the Sound Booster is not 100% free. After 14 days, the test period must be paid at this pointIf you want to continue using the program. LETASOFT Sound Booster is the goal and it works very well. The only problem is extreme simplicity; We wanted a little bit more.


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Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard is the first free Bangla keyboard for Ubuntu, Ubuntu and other keyboards supporting Linux, Ubuntu and other Linux. The current version supports home bangla phonetic English, heavy browser-based packages for professionals and beginners, as well asBangladeset standard keyboard design. Some keyboards have been added: Munir Optima, Proshosh, Bordon, Avro Leste and Yatia. Avro Keyboard supports most modern phonetic English typing methods in Bangla. The transliteration plan is designed for speedfriendly print and memory. There is a floating preview window that allows you to see how the English text is converted to Bangla. The method of phonetic printing supports an automatic automatic function and a dictionary containing 150,000 words of a packet. By the waythe auto-correction function is the () function ((‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Flexible and intuitive keyboard interface The AVRO is flexible and intuitive for Bangla users who have not previously used a computer. In addition, you do not need to resort to the control panelto edit the system language. Avro keyboards can match other keyboard speakers. In other words, you can use English (UK and US), Hindi, French, Japanese, or any other keyboard language in combination with Avro. In most programs for inputText in Bangla provides an interface based on a keyboard on the motherboard only. Auto, on the contrary, has two fully functional and different interfaces. And you will choose a method of your choice. There are several key combinations that make the transition between two compartments.

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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft does not offer a pilot version of Microsoft Excel 2010. You can download the Excel 2016 experiment. Excel 2010 is the latest version of a popular spreadsheet (function {} (review-app-page-desktop);}); Sharing spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel is the perfect way to share, control and analyze information. This Microsoft Excel version has improved access through the panel, from the cleaner interface to use. The tape interface has caused a debate when the first introduced it, but it is easier for you to gotackle beginners, because now you can see all the options rather than hide them in order to mention the application and it became easier to learn to use it. Microsoft Excel is still frightening for beginners, but fortunately it has tons of templates that help consumers get better control of it. One of the best new features includes allowing you to restore deliberately closed spreadsheets. As a result, it is easier to correct the wrong step. There are graphics and Oos graphics that you can addto your tables is also easy to find, because you can use the Web application in Microsoft Excel, which allows anyone invited to view or edit spreadsheets. Even mobile versions to access your Excel spreadsheets install the standard spreadsheet software. Join as part of Microsoft Office 2010, which also includes other application leaders such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. It is extremely powerful and, although there is enough to know it as if you want to take full advantage, anyone can present presentationsVery attractive Excel incoming Excel data is important for many people at work and there is no better application sheet account available.


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Movie Maker Free Video Editor

Movie Maker Free Video Editor is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a cheap and easy way to edit videos. This software covers all the basic features you need to cut, limit and modify video clips for your purposes. Because it’s free, it’s the perfect starting point for free video tools. With many other functions Besides being free to download and use, Movie Maker Free Video Editor comes with a large library of Functions. In addition to cutting allthe standard and pruning tools, this program allows you to use effects, filters and transitions. You can convert your clips in old sepia, change them, change their orientation, use the same transitions and transitions and apply all the other elements so that your video has life. Each feature is available to you with just a few clicks (feature {} ({Desktop Comments page comments});}); Everything you need to detect your friends. The free video editorof Movie Maker’s great tool if you want me to join some videos that will appeal to your friends. This tool has 8 video themes to choose a form, each with custom text. You can add some music clips installed before making the mood and also making some stickers. Do not make a mistake, Free Movie Maker Video Editor contains everything you need to create colors to create videos.