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The Forest

You live large housing crash and find yourself in a huge forest and outstanding live with mutant creatures. Use your wits to survive and thrive, or simulation of the first man in this beautiful simulation, you enter into the real world, where trees and plants can beused to your advantage. There labyrinth of caves under the ardhimitandao and lakes to explore. Build a camp fire or felling trees. Search dropping food to the hungry. He objects from small to large castle ports through mora.Trymaetse safe trap cycle plants and other remedies.Use the day to create and discover and be prepared to look at the night. Made tools and weapons and make hatred, facing the head of the enemy. You can win the war against the tribe of cannibalistic mutants frightening (function () {( “Review of the application pagesDesktop “);}); The game is a real and tragic game in this game is progressing well, with amazing graphics, good performance and incredible sound effects. Mutant damage zroblenataksama with more detail. Unlike some sports where aduitu attackI think, plan, and carry out their actions, which are more complex.

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